Friday, 27 November 2015

Plantlife and our Common Places

I am delighted to be exhibiting 'Common Place, Common Land' in support of Plantlife  in the Cafe Gallery at Maidstone Museum and Bentlif Gallery. This exhibition also marks the publication of my third book,'Stitch Stories'.  I have been making studies and drawing at the museum:
 Visitors are also welcome to contribute to 'Tea Flora Tales' an ongoing community piece started at the Knitting and Stitching Show in 2012 to raise awareness of plants and locality. This is an image of the piece in progress at The Beaney in Canterbury two years ago.
Please come and join me on the 12th December  for a  'Meet the Artist' session between 1-4pm and learn more about my work inspired by the plant collections at the museum and the local Plantlife reserve at Ranscombe.There is also an opportunity to win an original piece 'Sleeping Poppy' in a raffle to be held on the day (to be drawn shortly before 4.00pm). You can also support Plantlife direct here.

Dates of exhibition Thursday 3 December – Wednesday 30 December
Cafe Gallery, Maidstone Museum and Bentlif Gallery, St Faith's Street, Maidstone 

(This exhibition is kindly supported by John Harper, Partner of St. James’s Place Wealth Management

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Uncommon Spaces

Circuta Virosa Installation Parc Du Monod

'Common Threads, Common Land' first shown at art textil sent in Switzerland continues in Le Mans, France from 31st October until 22nd November in the  Pavillon MONAD, Parc Theodore Monad under the kind invitation of the City of Le Mans.The building and park were once the barracks of the 117th Infantry. With its raw walls provides and interesting backdrop for its temporary exhibitions. 


 I like the way the walls sometimes merge with the work and the edges are lost.
Dutch Blue
Lace Windows
40 Yards

Some of the lovely walls both presenting a challenge and an opportunity to see work differently.

 Outside, and the Autumn colour.

 As part of the week I also ran workshops at Atelier de Genevieve looking at restructured books, text and image. Some images of work in progress:

I finished the short stay in France with a brief visit to the Musee Bourdelle, home of fabulous sculpture in gardens including Antoine Bourdelle and Rodin. 

I was also delighted to exhibit with the  Canterbury Festival as part of Runnymede Revisited (in celebration of the signing of the Magna Carta) at St Peters Church on Oare. Again, I loved how the work responded to the space. 
I will also be exhibiting 'Common Place, Common Land' a linked exhibition at the Cafe Gallery in Maidstone Museum in December. This exhibition will have a 'Meet the Artist Day' on 12th December in aid of Ranscombe Farm/Plantlife
(Exhibition also supported also by John Harper, Partner of St. James’s Place Wealth Management

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The Wanderer Returns: Exhibition in Switzerland and other Autumn Events

 I have just returned from Australia and have been keeping regular updates 'Edges of Australia' on my Magpie blog. It seems impossible that just last week I was walking around in wonderful hot Spring weather on Rottnest Island of the coast of Western Australia.

 After a few days rest I am back in work mode for a busy Autumn.I am delighted to be exhibiting 'Common Threads, Common Land' with Art Textil Sent,  Switzerland. Please join me for the opening and book signing of Stitch Stories on Saturday 19th September at 14.00 if you can. The exhibition continues until 4th October. followed by an exhibition as part of Les Annuelles à Monod, in Le Mans, France from 31st October until 22nd November. at Pavillon MONAD, Parc Theodore Monad. Open Tuesday to Sunday 2-30-5.30pm
Crimson Flower
 Edgelands 1st October -14th November 2015

An exhibition at the Pod Gallery, Savill Building under the invitation of The Royal Landscape . Delighted to show in this wonderful building with its undulating roof shaped like a leaf, merges seamlessly with the tall trees surrounding by the parks and gardens.  Situated in the southeast corner of Windsor Great Park in the Savill Garde. Issy Bean, one of the Royal Parks gardeners is also exhibiting. 

I am also taking part in the events marking the Magna Carta in the exhibition
1215: Runnymede Revisited at St Peter’s Church in Oare. This exhibition also coincides with the East Kent Open Houses tour of the three-week Canterbury Festival.(Strangely enough, both the Swiss and Canterbury exhibition have chosen a poppy related piece for promotion.)
'Stitch Stories' has been receiving lots of attention and a review by John Hopper appears in the forthcoming edition of Inspirational magazine alongside a review of Alice Fox's  Natural Processes.(I was delighted to appear in issue 5).
Last, but not least, I am delighted to have been invited to have another book launch in the Medway on LV21 on Saturday 3rd October as part of Fun Palaces weekend.11.00-4.00pm.The crew and ship are featured in the book. 

LV21 by Cas Holmes (photographer Gary Weston)

Monday, 13 July 2015

Stitch Stories

I am excited that my third book 'Stitch Stories' will be published in August. Batsford have done a fabulous job. It features wonderful contributions from artists from all over the globe all who create beautiful, unique work inspired by life, landscape and travels near and far.Thankyou to Jacqui Hurst for beautiful photography.

I have just returned from workshops in Scotland with Diva Design Studio.   Moray, Scotland.
We saw all weathers, wonderful studios, students and enjoyed 'foraging'.
I also got to see the Knockando Woolmill. Set deep in the Spey Valley, it has woven cloth for over 200 year on its historic looms. The work is tough and they still produce fine tweeds and cloth. It was amazing to see weaver Hugh Jones, warp up the looms and weave.
I will be in Australia this summer visiting friends and running workshops. Thankyou to Fibre Arts Australia for all the wonderful help with this.(You know how good you are). I will endeaver to post regularly on Magpie but forgive me if time runs away with me. I am also preparing for exhibitions in Switzerland and France as well as closer to home in the Autumn. I will post further details on my return. 
Finally, but by no means least. I am delighted to be in issue 5 of Inspirational magazine by the wonderful John Hopper who writes rich descriptions of the unique perspectives taken by each artist. There are 8 artists in total covering a wide range of stunning work from ceramics , through to print and weave. Other artists include, Algernon Eldritch, Brenda Holzke, Sarah Ross-Thompson, Fenella Elms, Barbara Schneider, Isobel Currie, Patricia Oblack
An insightful article which enabled me to take a 'step outside' and look into to my own practice through 'other eyes'.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

'Forgotten Treasures.

I had forgotten what is was like to just sit for a while so was pleased to have had a relatively quiet time catching up with family in Norfolk in late April when I visited my mother. It is great to see she is able to carry on enjoying her garden. As a child, no matter what went on in the house the garden had to be looked after. It is her pride and joy, 'her treasure'. It was nice to just sit, chat and sketch the 'Forget Me Nots'.

 I also had a little time to go to the beautiful Norwich Cathedral to see the fabulous Ana Maria Pacheco sculpture.
and sit in the little herb garden in the Cathedral grounds. Another little treasure.

Since then I have been preparing work for exhibitions later in the year. I am delighted to have been accepted for the 6th European Quilt-Triennial in Textilsammlung Max Berk/Kurpfälzisches Museum, Heidelberg in the Autumn with a piece from  the 'Waterland' series called 'High Water'.
I am also preparing work for  'Common Threads, Common Land'  Art Textil Sent , Switzerland. More information on my exhibitions page. Further updates later.
Finally, I am back with a workshop at the wonderful studio Preniac, France at the end of the month drawing ideas from the inspirational landscape, gardens, plants of the local area. Add wonderful hosts, good home cooked food and absorb the atmosphere. Of course, I am also madly preparing for visit to Australia in July. So no rest for the wicked.
 Sunflowers around Préniac